Sump Pump and Water Damage

Here in the Midwest, we love our basements.  Whether used as a family room, a theater room, a playroom or just a temporary boarding room for the brother-in-law, the basement is the ultimate addition to any home.  But too often, depending on the weather, that subterranean paradise can transform into an unintentional in-ground pool as […]

How Much Should Carpet Cleaning Cost?

We’ve all seen the ads:  $99 whole house cleaning, $129 for three rooms, 7 rooms for $150, but what does carpet cleaning really cost?  And how do you make sure you get the best value for your dollar?  Pricing can be deceiving when you don’t know what to compare and no one wants to be […]

Cat and Dog Pet Stains: Do-It-Yourself Spot Cleaning

We love our pets.  And for good reason.  Cat or dog; they are all man’s best friend.  But what happens when they have the occasional “accident” on the carpet?  Good news – not all is lost – especially when you have Coit Carpet Cleaning at your beckoned call. Pet stains are often dependent on the […]

Air Duct and Vent Cleaning: Good vs. Bad Methods

Air duct cleaning and vent cleaning in Cincinnati is frequently worth the investment.  Even a buildup of 1/20” of dust on an air conditioning coil above your furnace can result in a decrease in efficiency of up to 20%, so based on an average cost of $450 for a proper air duct cleaning will pay […]

Flood Damage Clean Up: What to Do When You Have a Flooded Basement

Flood Damage Cleanup: What to Do When You Have a Flooded Basement Over the last month, Cincinnati residents have been hit with treacherous weather patterns causing flash flooding at alarming rates. When flash floods strike, often times your basement, carpet, custom flooring, and oriental rugs pay the price. Knowing what is causing the flooding; as […]

Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati: DIY (Do it Yourself) vs. Hiring a Professional

When it comes to cleaning carpets in Cincinnati a question we receive quite often is “is  there really any difference between a professional carpet cleaning and the red rental cleaner at the Cincinnati grocery or hardware store?”  Absolutely! While the store display may look impressive, there are some very big reasons to use a pro: […]

Types of Carpet Cleaning in Cincinnati: Dry, Shampoo, or Steam Carpet Cleaning

So what carpet cleaning is best for your carpets?  It’s a question Coit Cincinnati hears from Cincinnati residents every day calling about carpet cleaning.  And while each of the three types of carpet cleaning offers specific benefits, there is a very real difference that should guide your carpet cleaning decision. The first of the carpet […]

Carpet Cleaning – How often and dry clean vs. steam clean?

Kids and pets – your carpeting is the playground for both, but is your carpet clean enough? With every step, muddy shoe, stain, spill or dust mite, carpeting is the final collector of debris and the lowest point in your home. Still, it’s that very nature of carpeting that many experts believe allow it to […]

Carpet Cleaning: Can Carpet Be Rescued from Mold?

Mold is a fungus that naturally exists all around us. It is attracted to moist areas within a home, and will often settle on damp carpeting where it can grow and thrive. Moisture problems can occur in a home through a variety of circumstances, such as damaged pipes or leaks in a home’s foundation. Basements […]

Duct Cleaning and the Wood Burning Stove

There was a time when wood burning stoves were a primary home heating source. But with the modernization of heating and air conditioning methods, the wood burning stove has been essentially relegated to the “back burner” in favor of more efficient and all-inclusive systems. However, in some circles, wood burning stoves have made a comeback. […]